5 Amazing Things That Will Happen To Your Body! If You Stop Consuming Sugar


Have you ever wondered why dieticians andweight lossgurus across the world advise you to quit added sugar as the first step of a weight loss program?

Well if you dont know the reason let me tell you that 300 Calories is the average calorific value of our dailysugarintake and if you are trying to loose weight then these 300 colories can add months to years in loosing those extra pounds and fat.

So the question is “What is Added Sugar?”

Added sugar refers to processed sugar in the form of cubes, sugar crystals or powdered sugar and does not include natural sugars found in fruits, vegetables etc. Apart from cakes and sweets, we eat added sugar in a number of ways including a number of packaged foods like sauce and salad dressings.

If you consume a lot of sugar on a daily basis, quitting added sugar could leave you withwithdrawal…

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