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Mastering Interview Skills: How to deal with various Interview Formats

Before you start preparing for your interviews you first need to understand the various interview formats that employer can use to identify whether you are fit for the organisation on not.
Basically there are four common interview formats trending in market but again ite may vary from industry to industry and function to function to which you are applying.

Phone Interview

Whenever there is a large number of candidates for one post, Phone Interview allows the employer to screen the candidates and narrow the pool of candidates for in-person interview. This is the cost effective and time saving method to identify the potential candidates.

Telephonic interviews can be extended around 30 minutes in length and generally conducted by a human resource manager.
The purpose of this interview is to confirm few basic details of a candidate for eg.

  • Your Qualifications for the post you applied
  • Your expected salary to check if you fit in their budget

Telephonic interviews are also considered challenging format because it doesn’t allow you to see the expressions of the interviewer and the reactions to your answers which may lead to misunderstanding of the situation.

Five Tips For Successful Phone Interview:

  • Avoid Mobile Phone and use a landline to avoid the distractions and if you are on a Smartphone Call-waiting should be turned off
  • Choose a quiet space with limited distractions
  • Express your views with to the point approach and speak clearly
  • Before you answer the questions clarify any doubts which you are unsure.
  • Ask the interviewer if you’ve approached the question as it was expected

One to One Interview

The second format is the traditional in person one to one interview. This interview is often conducted by employers for the better understanding of an individual and to ask the most relevant questions related to their work.
Such interviews are often conducted by the decision maker, which is the Head of your department and coworkers

The most important aspect of these interviews is to judge your overall personality and to decide whether you can fit in their work culture or not and or how can you help them in doing their Job.

Five Tips For Successful One to One Interview:

  • Focus on your nonverbal behaviors like your tone of voice, and body language
  • Keep your hands on your thighs or on the arm rests of the chair if available
  • Maintain positive expressions and smile while you answer your questions, but in a very natural way
  • Maintain a positive eye contact
  • Get dressed accordingly and be a part of the organisation.

According to one study 93% of your message is conveyed in this way and not in words.

Panel or Group interview.

This format is something most of he people find the scarier when they see so many people waiting to judge your personality. But this is generally designed to save time and also get multiple opinions which help them to get more valid and unbiased decisions, because each member will have a different perspective about your personality.

Five Tips For Successful Online Video Interview:

  • Positive body language plays a very important role
  • Your introduction plays a vital role in making a long lasting positive impact
  • Make eye contact with everyone in your conversation.
  • Listen to every one and engage with the quieter people where appropriate
  • Sip some water before you enter the room this will help you to speak clearly.

Online video interview

Finally we will talk about the Online Video Interview, This type is replica of in person one to one interview. This type of interviews are generally conducted to cut down the extra cost of travelling and save time. In this interview you can follow the same advice and best practices which we discussed for in person one to one interview. Test run the equipment well before the interview.

Four Tips For Successful Online Video Interview:

  • You should test your equipments and network before you enter into the interview
  • To look more professional you can arrive on video prior to the given timings
  • Make sure your room in well lit so that you look smart
  • Make your environment or room clean with minimal distractions

Now you have better understanding on various interview formats, i wish you all the very best for your interviews.

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