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Tomatoes: 9 Healthy Reasons To Eat Tomatoes


This article is not to discuss whether you consider tomato as a fruit or a vegetable, but this article is to explain the health benefits of Tomatoes because it has a plenty of benefits that can help to make a person healthier and fit. In India, this food is usually considered as a salad which means that you may or may not want to eat as compared to other vegetables.

But if we talk about the helpful phytochemicals, you might be convinced to add them in your diet for sure

For example,lycopene, which is present in tomatoes can additionally help in preventing endless cancer and convey other medical advantages as well.

Following are the benefits of a tomatoes:

  1. Cancer Prevention:Tomatoes being a magnificent source ofvitamin Cand different cell reinforcements, can help battle the development of cancer-causing abnormal cells.
  2. Prostate cancer:One of the key element “

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