Importance of Body Language During Job Interview: Mastering Interview Skills

Studies shows that humans communicate 93% through their body language that is why body language is essential for getting a job you appeared for.
For a successful interview there are three key areas you need to focus on.


To maintain a good posture during the interview you should sit relax and slightly lean forward. When you lean forward towards the interviewer it gives it helps you to establish an impression that you are interested in the conversation which is completely opposite in case you lean back this will give an impression that you are casual and too relaxed.

Eye Contact

Second ker area is to have a positive eye contact with the interviewer. You need to maintain eye contact during your conversations, especially when you are speaking or answering the questions. Maintaining eye contact while answering the questions also gives an impression that you are confident and authentic.
But you need to blink at regular intervals to avoid looking aggressive and to stay in the conversation you should nod your head in between.

Pitch & Tone

Third and last key area is your pitch and tone of your voice. To speak in a clear voice, take a sip luke warm water before you enter into the room or you can take normal water if not available.
To speak in a clear and controlled manner you need to prepare for your interview, because speaking in clear and controlled manner gives an impression that you are confident. G


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