10 Laws Of Karma That Will Transform Your Life

Being an Hindu and living in India I have had heard a lot about Karma, But i was never so familiar with its Laws and how does it affects humans and their surroundings. So here is Karma Hindu and Buddhist belief.

Let’s start with the basic definition of Karma:
In the most simplest way karma can be defined as Everything we do our actions, thoughts, feelings or emotions no matter good or bad affects us in the same way.
In India you will find most people defining other and themselves on the basis of their Karmas.

The Laws of Karma looks simple but they are way more complicated and difficult to follow that only few can follow all the Laws of Karma.
So here we will learn what are those laws and how they can help us transforming our lives.

Understanding Karma

Few people believes the concept of Karma originated from the Buddhist law of moral causation. According to Karam everything done purposely such as actions, thoughts, words or emotions are being ruled by the Laws of Karma.

On the other hand side Laws of karma doesn’t apply to non-intentional actions. But as per the beliefs you should be aware of all those laws if you want to avoid bad Karma or get rid of it. Here are some of the actions that affect your Karma:

  • How you treat others
  • How you perceive yourself
  • How you use your resources
  • How you develop your character
  • What you think about others
  • How do you feel about the success of others

When you create good karma you actually create an positive environment around you which not only help you in achieving your life goals but it also help others to feel the positivity when they are around you.

10 Life Changing Laws Of Karma

1. The law of cause and effect

This is the foundation of the this concept and also considered as ‘The great law’. This law is based on the belief that you will receive same what you will give. If you give time and care to your loved ones you will receive the same, If you truth and honesty you will receive it, if you give kindness you receive kindness, if you give you hate you get the same.
This law is so powerful that it covers all the aspects of human life whether they are positive or negative.

2. The law of creation

The law of creation which most people failed to understand which leads to failure in their life. The idea behind this law is that to make something happen or to get what you wish you need to put efforts, you need to work to create that thing for you and if you don’t work you wont get. You need to plan your actions rather that waiting for the things happen to you. This law means that if you are not satisfied with your current situation or condition, you need to start making changes with yourself first.

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3. The Law of humility

Law of Humility applies on a person’s own self beliefs. This law explains that a person must accept his own flaws and accept things before trying to change them. A person should never blame other for his own faults and he should never mistreat others just because they don’t agree with him.

4. The Law of growth

The Law of Growth explains that you can only grow when you adapt to the world regardless of where you are. First you need to change yourself the world will not change for you. You should learn to embrace your surroundings keep your focus on adapting yourself to the world you desire, instead of trying to change it as per your needs. You should work on your own growth instead of changing the world because when you grown you help others to grow as well which leads to change the world eventually.

5. The Law of responsibility

The Law of responsibility can simply be explained in Four words: “Your life your responsibility”. This law also explains that to make a positive change in your life you should be aware of the fact that you are responsible for the things that happen in your life. Everything that happens to you or is happening is the result of your decisions and things happening inside and outside of you. This law is in continuation of the previous law of growth.

6. The Law of Focus

Law of focus simply explains to avoid multitasking the only way to get the most out of this law is by teaching your mind to focus on the most important things first and by avoiding multitasking. Our minds are not designed to work on multiple tasks at the same time and if we do the same it can bring the bad karma. The art of focusing on most important goals can be learned by writing down your goals.

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7. The law of giving and hospitality

As it has been said “Your actions speaks louder than Words”
In the same way your actions should always be in sync with your beliefs and thoughts to receive good karma. If you really want to show your impact on this world and the people around you must show your commitment to what you believe. In case you are receiving bad karma by not following your own beliefs you must practice introspection.

8. The law of here and now

It doesn’t matter how hard was your past you should accept the facts and be aware of your reality which is your present. It’s good to not to forget your past but if you dwell in past and you will miss the opportunities available here and now. The same concept is true with living in future in worries of better future you will never focus on present. To control your future you need to take control on your present and enjoy the every situation every moment and try to make the most out of those situations.

9. The law of change

“Change is the only constant thing in this world”. If you desire a better life and successful year ahead you must be willing to change with time. If you won’t change you will keep on living same life years after years unless you learn this law. If your every year is same as your previous year If everything’s the same it means karma is trying to tell you that something should be done differently. If your life suddenly improved, it means you have made the change that was needed.

10. The law of patience and reward

In the Hindu Mythology and the Holy Book “Shri Madbhagwat Geeta”, patience is defined as the symbol of confidence on once abilities and control over your desires and longings. The person who practice patience considered to be supreme because that person has control over his mind and body. If you are not patient you will eventually stop working towards your goals you might not achieve your goals.

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