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Goal Setting Lesson #03: Refining Goals In A SMART Way

If you ever wonder why you failed in accomplishing your goals. There is only one reason because your Goals were not SMART.

Right from the very first lesson, we have done several exercises where you have put your goals on paper you have categorized them under three categories and now in this third lesson, we will refine all those goals which we have written down. 
This time we will just focus on group one goals. For a moment I want you to just ignore all other goals because if we focus on fewer goals at one time we will have a higher chance of success and more chances of achieving them. So with this concept in mind, we will look at the 10 goals that you had in group one.

So let’s look at goals that you’ve got written down so far. So all of these goals have to be smart.

So let’s see what smart looks like.

Specific: Why Your Goals Should Be Specific?

Whatever you want to achieve, You have to be very specific about your goals. You might want to start a new business, what business? Maybe you want to learn music instrument, which instrument? When you are really specific it becomes easier for you to define all those little steps in order to achieve them.

Measurable: Why Your Goals Should Be Measurable?

When we talk about measurable goals it actually means that what are those parameters which define your success towards achieving your goals.
If you want to get that job, you might need to refine your CV, you might want to get in touch with certain people who can help you get that job or you might want to apply for various jobs.

Achievable: Why Your Goals Should Be Achievable?

Trust me i have achieved certain things in life which i never thought i would ever be able to achieve. But it doesn’t mean that you set goals in such a manner that they seem vague and unattainable.
But here are a few things which I want you to keep in mind while writing your goals.
√ Be Brave and think big
√ Don’t choose goals by looking on other people

Realistic & Relevant: Why Your Goals Should Be Realistic & Relevant?

These goals are all about you and these goals are your life and this is actually you. but sometimes people set certain goals because they think if other people are doing so they should also do, or sometimes our parents, friends or people around us influence us to do something which we do only to prove ourselves.
So that’s why your goals should be realistic and relevant to you only.

Time: Why Your Goals Should Be Time Bound?

When you set yourself a time scale, you work harder to achieve it.
So it might be that you need a new job within 5 months, you want to loose weight within the next six months, you want to learn guitar within the next three months.
You have to give yourself something that when that day comes, you can say, have I achieved it? Yes, I have.

So all those goals which we talked about are an example of wonderful goals, things that you may want to achieve but they are specific, they can be measured, they’re realistic, they’re attainable, and they have a timeline but make sure your goals don’t conflict with each other.

Last Exercise: Why Your Goals are Important To You?

So in this last exercise of this lesson I want you to spend some more time with your goals and write a page or two about your goals explaining why they are important to you. So if you write one page and you still writing you should continue writing. The more you write the better are the chances you will accomplish your goals. If your goals are so important to you, you can even write a journal explaining your goals.
lease do it because you want to do it.

SMART Goals:

Here is an exercise for you to write down your goals in a SMART way.

Write Your name, Your Goal and the date you want to accomplish

Fill in the blanks Your Desired Goals
You Can Add Multiple Goals



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