Best Programming languages to build a Website

Why you should build a website

Studies show that people nowadays spent almost 24 hours a week online searching and visiting websites. This is almost twice the time as it was a decade ago.
This increased amount of internet surfing has opened various full time working options for freelancers. People nowadays building websites and earning in 7 figures per month but what you would say if anyone asks you to build a website?
Do you have the required knowledge to build a website?

How to Build a Free Website

Building a website seems a complex task for most of us but the fact is building a website in the 21st century takes not more than 15 minutes and it’s free of cost.
Even if you can’t write a single line of code you can visit WordPress or Wix for building a free website of your choice.

How to Build a Professional Website

And if you want to build a professional website then you should learn some of these programming languages like.

CSS & HTML are basically used for front end development. These both languages gives you the look and feel of any website.

C++ was developed in 1979 and is considered well compiled and very technical language. This language is still considered as one of the best programming languages for back end development.

Java is most versatile and one of the best programming languages which was developed in 1990. This language is compatible on any platform which is the reason this language is still in high demand.

Python is considered one of the most easy programming language and gives you a freedom to do anything with this language. This language is considered one of the best programming language for beginners and in terms of its readability.

PHP is an HTML Embedded Scripting Language which is behind the success of WordPress and Facebook. This is a best language for both front end and back end development.

SQL- A Structured Query Language is very much used in microsoft and other big companies. This language is a great choice is you want to work with databases.

Free Resources For Learning Programming Languages

Becoming a professional in any of these languages might need you to learn from a recognized institute. In case you don’t want to learn by going to any institute and you want to learn at home. We have listed some free online learning websites which will help you to learn programming languages free of cost.

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