Everyday Tech: Should You Enable Location Services On Your Smartphone?

In this smart world with smart technologies everyone carries a Smartphone and as most of us are aware that our device contains an internal GPS.
This internal GPS is not only used in giving you directions but it can be used for many other things from like geotagging photos to serving you locations based ads from local venues.
On Most of the devices it’s usually called location services. And in case you don’t know you have some control over this service whether it’s turned on or off.

So should I enable location services on my phone?

It’s a big question. In fact, it’s so big and complex that you need to decide on your own because there’s no right or wrong it’s about only being informed. So, I will explain some pros and cons of this technology that will help you to decide how you want to use this service.

Pros: Why You Should Use Location Services!

  • Location services provides GPS directions,
  • It helps in geotagging your photos to make it easier to group them by location
  • It helps in setting location-based reminders, like being reminded to put out the trash when you get home.
  • It also helps in checking into restaurants and venues from social media and then sharing your location with your friends to make it easier to meet up.
  • You can also set location based traffic alerts and letting you know if you need to leave a few minutes early for office or any appointment.
  • Location services provides you the ability to find a lost or stolen device
  • It helps in checking the weather from where you are right now.

All right let’s understand the Cons of this technology

Cons: Why You Should Not Use Location Services!

  • Location services consumes power and hence Lower battery life.
  • Location services also use some of your data plan.
  • Your privacy become compromised because If you check in somewhere, people will know when you aren’t home and it also makes you vulnerable.
  • Some unreliable companies that track location data sometimes sell it or hand it over to officials and you get ads served to you based on nearby stores.
  • If you’re sharing your location, people may be able to find you when you don’t want them to.
  • And finally, a rogue employee could look up your data for malicious reasons.

Few Tips To Keep In Mind While Using Location Services

Now that you know a little bit more about what you or your device can do with location services, you can fine tune the settings to something that you’re comfortable with.

  • Check location settings frequently on the device to see what apps are using it. And change the settings to something that you’re comfortable with.
  • If you do like to check into locations and post about it, it’s fine, just check in when you leave, not when you arrive.This way, you get the benefits and the fun, but your safety and security isn’t compromised.
  • And finally, think about the safety and privacy of others, always ask permission before posting the location information with somebody else.

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