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Healthy Life Style: Adopt these 5 habits

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is lieIt takes 21 days to adopt a new habit but to make it a lifestyle it takes 90 days and the same is true with your health. Developing a new habit is not enough you need to make it your lifestyle.
We are sharing some daily habits which you can add in your lifestyle to become healthy and happy.

Here are a few habits for healthy life style:

  • Take Healthy Breakfast: Studies have shown a major difference between the health status of people who never skip their breakfast vs who skips their breakfast more often.
    Things to keep in Mind:
    > Your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day
    > Add more protein from eggs and grilled chicken
  • Exercising daily should be your lifestyle:  Spending 45-60 minutes daily in physical activity or in Gym. This will help you keep your body in shape, healthy and fit.
    Things to keep in mind:
    > You can go for walk, running or jogging
    >You can play any sport
    > You can start bodyweight workout
    All these activities will help you develop some muscles.
    And remember if you don’t use your muscles you will start losing them because your body knows you don’t need them.
  • Change your Diet: It has been proved that 70% of your health depends upon your diet and your daily calorie intake. To make your diet more healthy you need to add more protein and try to eliminate simple carbohydrates from your diet.
    Things to keep in Mind:
    > Your Food Should be Fresh
    > Add more whole grain food to keep yourself satiated
    > Reduce the consumption of fried and preserved foods
  • Sleep for 6-8 hours: Sleep deprivation is common among most of the youths. Sleep deprived people often experience reduced energy and willingness to work in day time.
    Things to keep in mind:
    > Good Night sleep helps our body and brain rest
    > Fat hormones around belly get dissolved when we are asleep.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene:  If you are one of those people who care less about their oral hygiene you will end up with foul mouth odor and unhealthy gums and teeth. Things to keep in Mind: > Brush twice daily. > And don’t forget to floss to remove food particles stuck between the teeth.

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