Everyday Tech Questions: What is Cloud?

We’ve all heard about Cloud computing, Into the cloud, The cloud and cloud technologies.
But very few understand the meaning of cloud computing.

So, the question is what is cloud?

First of all let me make it clear that there is actually no place called the cloud and When we refer to store data in the cloud, it simply means that we’re sending our files, like a to-do list on our phone or computer to be stored on another computer or server.
So the next question comes where does this data really go?
For most of the popular cloud storage sites like, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, we are actually storing our data on their servers. Which simply means that it’s another computer’s storage or hard drive that we gave accessed over the internet.
So in simple words Cloud storage means we can have a backup of our data at a different physical site.

Why Cloud Storage Is A Good Option?

Cloud Storage is good
1. In case something happens to your phone or computer.
2. Cloud Storage allows you to access your data anywhere, which is also good.

Things to Keep In Mind While Accessing Cloud Storage:
1. You do need an internet connection to access your data.
2. You also need to make sure you have a secure connection before accessing sensitive data.
3. You also need to trust that company that you’re giving your data to as it could be copied, stolen, or lost.
You can and should find out these things before saving your data on their servers.

Why It Is Named As Cloud?

If you made a network diagram for your office, it would probably include your computers, laptops, printers and other systems. These are all probably connected to the same Wi-Fi which is connected to a cable modem, which also acts as a firewall, blocking dangerous traffic from coming into your local network. Everything past that point, outside your office is considered unknown. We have no visibility of what’s out there. It’s typically depicted as a cloud icon on a network diagram, thus it is names as cloud.


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