Build Confidence

Build Self Confidence: How To Know Your Self Worth

Practical Steps To Build Self Confidence

The very first step you can take to build self-confidence is to know how to own your situations. Owning a situation simply means that you accept that you as a person is responsible for your current situation and you are responsible for how you feel about yourself no matter what was the reason. Most of the times instead of looking into our flaws and shortcomings we tend to look at others. We start blaming others for how we feel about ourselves. This might be due to a non-cooperative colleague or a micromanager trying to control your every move or maybe due to some clients.  This is how we dive into a blame game and trust me blaming never ends and it does not solve anything.

When you stay into this zone you find an excuse of not taking full responsibilities of your current situations. 

Bring Change and Improvement:

As I mentioned above that key to build self confidence is to start taking responsibilities of your situations but when you start this process you need to keep few things in mind

  • Do not blame yourself for everything that happens to you
  • Do not allow yourself to show pity on yourself
  • Never think that you are the only reason for what happened, Remember things happen as a result of multiple factors and you are one of the factors
So now you have learned how to take responsibilities of your situations and I can understand sometimes it feels like a burden when you start taking responsibilities.
 So I want you to do these two things whenever you feel overburdened.
  • Acknowledge your self worth

    The first thing is to acknowledge your self worth in these areas. Remind yourself that you are a unique personality with a lot of things to offer to this world. Think about your work and life experiences, Your Education, You are a trained person in one or multiple skills. You are a hard-working guy, you are creative, you are a good person in your personal professional and social life, and recall all of your past wins. This exercise will only take a couple of minutes but trust me it is a powerful exercise to help you regain your Self Confidence. You will become a person who is filled with energy and ready to bounce back no matter how hard is the situation.

  • Commit to get stronger

    The second thing I want from you is your commitment to getting stronger. You can not achieve high self-confident without spending some time planning how you will work to maintain a high self-confidence. For this, you need to focus on all those behaviors that will get you closer to become a high self-confident person and meanwhile you need to take control of those negative behaviors which make you feel low.

Every goal needs a plan to achieve success so stop looking elsewhere and start looking at you right into the mirror and start working. When you follow these steps you can surely build self-confidence in a while.


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