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How to Get Your Dream Physique when you have no Time for Gym: 10 Muscle Building Tips for Working Professionals.

As per the survey the most common excuse for not exercising in “No Time”Everyone has its own reasons for not exercising, but it all comes down to poor time management and fear. Related: How to identify your Priorities and manage time. But if you look deeper into your daily schedule and you will find a lot of time which you

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Blink- By “Malcolm Gladwell” : My Honest Review

This blog is all about the book which I have just finished reading and I thought I should share the Gist of the book with all the readers out there.   This Book is having a Title “Blink” The power of thinking without thinking, written by Malcolm Gladwell. Blink explores the connection between cutting-edge psychological and neurological research and human intuition. Gladwell uses Blink to

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Feel The Paper! 09 Reasons why Paperbound Books are better than E-Books

Don’t you like the fragrance of that freshly opened book, Don’t you love those soft papers which make reading physically pleasurable. And on the other hand side, I personally believe that reading on a tablet or any digital device is like I am being controlled by one another machine. And after all starring at a computer screen for more than

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