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How To Handle Failure And Become Successful In 7 hours

How to become successful? this one question you should ask your self every day. That’s why today we are going to discuss “Success & Failureā€ and how to become successful. An exclusive post for you guys and it will definitely change your life if you follow these
5 life-changing mantras

We all are doing our regular works and types of activities which gives power to our life. In simple words, we are regularly going to a job or work for 8 hours and sometimes it’s more than just a job. But our day doesn’t end after working just for 8 hours because if you do you become a certified looser or a failure. Because you are losing precious 16 hours daily and if you utilize these hours properly. You will become more successful and satisfied.

7 Hour Rules for Success in every field

Rule no 1 : Change Your Mindset:

Everybody now days run for quick money and not for a plan which can change your entire life. Which simply means that you have to build a winning mindset. You have to think big and dream big. You need to decide and plan your each and every move towards achieving your goals. Think of your ambitions and passions and find a way to turn them into a successful business.

Rule no 2 : Side Hustle:

This is the second rule of 7 hours, Side hustle means what you do after your working hours. It means hustling for a better life through knowledge and soft skills. You can learn various online courses from different best websites like Udemy, Khan Academy, skill share, etc. When you have skills and knowledge you can turn them into a side business.

Rule no 3 : Learn To Work Smart:

We spend our precious time in gossiping and watching dancing cats on social media. But during your office hours, you need to learn how to work smart so that you can finish your work and give yourself some time in your personal and professional growth. As life coach “Robin Sharma” explained about 90/90 rule, that you should spend the first 90 hours on work doing your most important stuff for 90 days. Because the latest research shows that it takes 21 days to build a new habit but it takes 90 days to build a lifestyle. Following this routine will surely teach you how to work smart.

Rule no 4 : Habit of Fitness :

Fitness plays a major role in deciding your success and it is both mental and physical fitness. You must develop a habit of spending at least 45 minutes in doing any kind of physical activities which makes you sweat and then spend 15-20 minutes doing some yoga and meditation.

Rule no 5 : Reading books

“Leader are Readers” in my journey of learning I have got a chance to meet some Entrepreneurs, successful businessman and lots of other peoples who successfully achieved their goals. They all have one thing in common they all read. According to one survey, it has been proved that a person who spends 30 minutes daily in reading becomes the mastermind of his subject in 5 years. You need to read daily even if you cannot read more than just two pages, start reading now.
Here is a list of few books you can start reading.

Its 7-hour rule because you can apply all these formulas after office, job or work. We are 110% Sure that after applying these simple rules you won’t be the same person as you were.

At last, I would say this 7-hour rule will give you a life filled with goals and ambitions. A way to a successful life.

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