Goal Setting Course Overview

Hi, I’m Shashank Walia. I’m the Founder of
This course is all about achieving success by achieving your goals. In this course, we will learn and execute all those practices which will help you to achieve your goals.

I will make sure that I will share the exact principles which I have used throughout my life and career. 
This is how it all began when I felt the need to learn how to put all those small steps in place to achieve my goals and I know you all have felt that need of understanding the steps to achieve your goals.

Why You Should Follow These Steps?

The best part is that you can use all the information and lessons you learn in this series of articles and use them again & again.
It doesn’t matter if you want to achieve one goal or multiple goals. You follow the steps for one goal to achieve it and come back again and repeat the steps.
In this course you will also learn the following things:

  • How to scope out your goals
  • How to validate your goals
  • How to remove anything which is an obstacle in your goal-reaching process.
  • How to effectively prioritize your goals. 
  • How to put plans in place to make these goals become a reality.

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