Goal Setting

Goal Setting Lesson #01- 8 Secrets To Define Your Goals

Let us begin this first lesson by asking you a very simple yet complicated question. What do you want exactly right now? or What do you want to achieve in the next six months, one year, five years or maybe ten years? Some of you might want to start their career in finance, management or maybe you want to start your startup. Some of you might want to save money for your first car, the first house or maybe you want to save money for your retirement. Whatever you want to achieve you have to start defining your goals. So the question is how to define them.

First things first:

Grab a pen and paper and write it down, some you might have spreadsheets, sticky notes or some personal diary. Whatever you have right now. We just want everything to be in black and white. You need to make sure that you are writing every single goal which you want to achieve. Everything you have ever thought of doing, all those wonderful, stupid and even most idiotic things you have ever thought just write them down. Some of you may want to skydive, get another promotion, buy that car, going to a world tour, starting your own business.  When you finish writing your goals take it is as a first draft and then start aligning them in Eight Key Areas

Eight Key Areas

Career Or business.

What you are planning to steer your career or your business in the right direction? or what you are doing to move ahead in your career? There can be many examples.

Planning to work in another field or different industry?  Maybe you want to do something which you’re passionate about? Maybe you want to move up in your current organization by getting  that promotion


What do you want to improve in your current relationships, are they healthy or toxic?

Do you want to bring more happiness in your relationships? Are you happy in your relationships? Are you looking to start a new relationship? or Do you want to get rid of that toxic relationship? 

Financial Goals

Like all other goals, financial goals must be very clear to a person who wants to live a balanced life. Your financial goals can be defined as per your need For Example:

There will be few people who want to pay all their debts and become debt-free.  Some of you might want to start saving money for your first house or car or bike Maybe start investing for your retirement or start saving for an upcoming event.


Most people start their new year resolutions with a first thing in their to-do list is to Join Gym. So if you are one of them you must write it down whatever your goal is

You might want to lose weight and get into shape. Maybe you want to get rid of that old smoking or drinking habit. Maybe you want to start eating healthy and home cooked food. .

Self-development goals. 

Working on yourself is the best thing you will ever do that is why Self Development Goals are my favorite goals. These goals can be further be divided under many categories. For Example:

You might want to start adding more study hours into your daily schedule. Maybe you want to start reading books and if you are reading you might want to read more books. Maybe you want to add some new skills or Maybe you want to do a new course. 

Emotional Goals

What about emotional goals?  Emotional goals are often considered fluffy because we know that we want to be happier or we need to control our anger but sometimes we just don’t know how to get there. But you should still, write these down.  For Example:

You might not want to feel more introvert and alone & wants to go out and make more friends. Maybe you just want to control your anger or whatever. Just write everything down. You just need to think about your emotions and write them down. 

Spiritual goals

What are spiritual goals? What do you want to do to connect with your inner self?

Maybe you want to practice yoga. Maybe you just want to practice charity and wants to give back something to society. These are really simple things but in order to achieve them just write them down.


With no fun in your life, your life will become monotonous because we all need time to spend and focus on the things that rejuvenate us. So just write down all those things which you want to do or you love to do again and again to feel happy and rejuvenated.

Maybe you want to go for a long holiday Maybe you want to skydive or go for Scooba diving Maybe you want to spend time in dancing Finally… You’ve done this course. There can never be a perfect moment to start achieving your goals. So, just grab your pen and diary get everything down. The more that you write down, the better.



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