Goal Setting Lesson #02: How To Categorize Your Goals

In our previous lesson, we have done the very basic exercise of writing down all our goals and creating a draft under the 8 Major Categories.
So now in this lesson, we will learn how to categorize our goals as per their priority.
After you put everything on the paper now it’s time to start categorizing our goals and divide them into three groups.
Group 1: Goals on which you are currently working
Group 2: Goals which you have planned for Medium Term
Group 3:  Goals which are planned as Long Term Goals

Group One

Group Two

Group Three

Goals that you are
currently working on

Goals that you are
working towards in
the medium term

Goals that you are
working towards in
the long term

Group -1: Goals You Are Currently Working

So let us start with the Goals which you are really passionate about and the goals which are really important for you right now.
The goals which you will put under Group 1 these are the Goals with absolute priorities.
Group 1 goals can also be those goals which you wanted to do in your life but are still pending.
But before you start putting everything in Group 1, We need to stop here.
Because we have some strict rules for Group 1 Goals.
Rules for Group 1 Goals
Rule No 1:- You can not add more than 10 Goals in Group 1
Rule No 2:- If in case you want to add 11th goal you must remove one or other goal and put it into Group 2.

 So you can understand that Group 1 Goals must be highly important and if not then they must demote to Group 2.
So Group one, 10 maximum.

Group -2: Goals You Have Planned For Midterm

Now let’s talk about the Group 2 Goals.
Goals which fall under the Group 2 are those Goals which didn’t make in the Top 10 and can be those goals which you wanted to do at some point of time in your life but not right now. So you need to be very very careful to choose all those goals by avoiding the temptation to make this group become massive. 
You need to be very very strict in choosing and putting your goals in this group. 
Rules for Group 2 Goals
Rule 1:- Avoid making this list massive

Rule 2:- Be very strict while choosing your goals.

Things to keep in Mind
If in case you add too many goals in this Group it will consume a lot of energy in reviewing and achieving them all.

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Group -3: Goals You Have Planned in Longterm

Now, finally, let’s move to Group three. Just remember the Goals under Group 3 are going to be your back burners. All those Goals which you want to add in Group Three are obviously of least importance as per your current requirement. 
These are the goals which you want to achieve but in a long term.
Things to keep in Mind
Goals under Group three are not as important as group two and one. 

Expert Advice

If you are willing to transform your life by achieving your goals then trust me Guys this is gonna be a bit of an exercise.
This exercise is gonna take more than just 15 to 20 minutes.
Because when I did this exercise it actually took me Six Days.

This is your life and you need to take control on your life by acheiving your goals before you regret. You have to put 100% energy into this. 

Take all the time you need and start now.


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