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Goal Setting Lesson #04: Planning Your Goals For Success

Planning is the most crucial part of any Goals to become a Reality. Most people fail in achieving Goals because they don't plan well.

So in this Lesson, we are going to plan for success in achieving our goals. In our previous lessons we have done various exercises in defining and refining our goals in a SMART way After completing those exercises I am sure that you have got your Goals and you have started working on your group one goals. But that is not enough because just writing down your goals will not help you to achieve them. We need to write down how we are going to do it, we are going to listing down each and every obstacle which comes in your journey of goal reaching. We need to take our first goal and break your goal reaching process in small steps, the more steps you involve the better it is.

Why Do You Need To Break Your Goals?

When you break your Goals into smaller goals or into actionable steps, then you know the path towards success. When you complete each step you know that you are making progress into the right direction. When you know that you are actually making progress it makes you feel good it boosts your self confidence. Here are few Examples: So let’s take an example. You love to write and now you want to start your own website or blog but you don’t have any knowledge on how to get started. So here are some examples on actionable steps you can follow: Step 1: Selecting your niche Step 2: You need to select your budget whether you want a free blog or a personalised blog Step 3: Selecting the Best Web hosting as per your content and you can add multiple steps to monitor your progress.

And as we discussed, achieving your goals is all about putting together all your small steps to make your goals a reality. Telling yourself or other that you are gonna do this and that is very easy But what makes the real difference between the real winners and losers is the hard work, commitment and proper planning. The time you put into planning before executing your actions. This is the real stuff that you need to do and start planning your actions now.

Start now to live your Dreams.

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