How Much Sleep Adults Need And Why

There is always been an argument for how much sleep adults need to have a healthy lifestyle. Some people say it’s 6 Hours and some are in favor of 8 hours of sleep.
But in some of the scientific studies, it has been found that for a healthy lifestyle minimum Six hours of daily sleep is equally important when it compares to the food we consume and the amount of exercise we do on a daily basis.
Poor sleep is also a major reason for poor concentration on the next day which may further lead to low productivity.

So as you know how much sleep adults need now let us understand what are the benefits of having a good sleep.

Here are a few benefits of getting the required amount of sleep every night:

Sleeping improves memory: 

Sleep deprivation or Lack of sleep has some negative effects on our brain these effects may further affect our memory and retention. And it has been found that If we get an adequate amount of sleep, we are more likely to remember and retain things because, during sleep, our mind goes over and repeat everything which we have read when we were awake and this process is called consolidation. Thus, an adequate amount of sleep helps us in retaining whatever we learn during the day.

Stimulates creativity: 

Getting optimum sleep is a necessity for our creativity levels because after a good amount of rest our creativity levels soar. It has been found that working without a break lead our brain to saturation and our creativity levels go down.

Reduces stress levels: 

Not getting enough sleep adds more strain on our brain. Sleep deprivation leads to increased stress which further leads to high blood pressure levels and cholesterol in the blood. These health problems may further lead to coronary diseases. Thus it is very much required to get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep to keep our heart health intact.

Prevents weight gain: 

Sleep deprivation can alter our hormone levels, which activates the cortisol hormone (a fat producing/stress hormone), which lead to obesity. when you don’t get enough sleep you tend to develop negative modifications in your diet and very sluggish approach towards your exercise routine. This why getting enough sleep is the easiest hack to lose weight.

So the next time if someone asks you how much sleep adults need and how much sleep is good for them. You should tell them to keep it between 6-8 hours.


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