Mastering Interview Skills

3 Tips to make a positive first impression in your Interview

It has been said that your first impression is your last impression and when it comes in facing interviews, Impressions can be set within the first few minutes.
So it becomes very important to set a very positive and long lasting first impression.
Here are key areas you need to be more focussed before and during interview

Dress Smart

It is very important to be the a part of the organisation where you have applied because the first impression will be based on how you look and what do you wear. So maintain your confidence and interact with people in a friendly manner.

Note: Be sure to carry your research and note the dress code of the organisation and dress to it, or slightly above it.

Be On Time

Being a Candidate you are expected to value their time and as well as yours. So being on time is must to avoid losing your chances of getting selected. Don’t be too late and don’t be too early, you just need to be on time.
The best example of being on time is to arrive 5-10 minutes early.
If in case you arrive little earlier you should find a place to wait and be nice to everyone you interact: receptionists and other administration staff as they play an important role in providing feedback to the recruitment panel.

Note: Being on time is essential. Don’t be too late and don’t be too early.

Greet In a Positive Manner

Finally when you enter into the interview room greet your interviewer enthusiastically and wait for the interviewer to extend his/her hand for handshake.


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