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How To Practice For The Interview At Home: Part 3

The more time you put into practice, the better will be your response in your interview.

If you have practiced your interview then you will feel more confident and focussed on the questions being asked to you. Practicing your interview will also help you stay stress-free about the answers you are going to give to questions asked to you.
There are multiple ways on how to practice for the interview to prepare yourself.

  • Do-it-yourself
  • Paid Services or Coaching classes
  • Paid online services

Do It Yourself/Home

If you don’t want to spend money on the paid services you can always do it by yourself by creating a miniature of the actual interview process at your home as close as possible.
Things to keep in mind:

  • Select a room or space which is more suitable for interviews.
  • Get dressed as you are going to attend the actual interview
  • Let your friend or family member to play the role for the interviewer
  • To assess your body language make sure you record yourself

This technique may take time to prepare and assess yourself. You need to more patience and precise while working on your shortcomings.

Paid Online Services

It’s okay to pay for the things which you can’t do by yourself. So if you want to consider online services you will find many paid online interview services. These services are best designed to provide you the stress-free interview environment and also specific questions based on your Domain.

For example- is one of the websites which provides questions for the MBA

Online paid services also come with some disadvantages that they do not provide specific questions based on your Job Description.

The more time you put into practice, the better will be your response in your interview.


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