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These 5 Reasons Make Oats A Perfect Muscle Building Breakfast

Read this article to know why Oats is considered a perfect muscle-building breakfast. This article explains its nutritional value and other health benefits

Oats,the very first thing which comes to our mind as a healthy breakfast. It has been considered equally good for both as muscle building breakfast and for those who want to shed some extra fats.

But most of us don’t know why Oats are considered to be the very first choice of all Fitness Freaks, Diet conscious people and Athletes. So first of all let us reveal some of the facts of Oats. Oats are a whole-grain cereal, known scientifically asĀ Avena sativa. They are mainly grown in North America and Europe.

They are are high in vitamins, a very good source of fiber, beta-glucan and minerals and antioxidants which makes it very healthy muscle building breakfast and very good source of complex carbs who want to reamain full for longer period of time to avoid some extra calories going in.
So apart from its health benefits we will talk about the Top Five Reasons for Adding Oats in Your Diet.

#1- Easy To Cook

banana-bread-bread-breakfast-1065030Oats are of two types Rolled Oats and Crushed Oats and they don’t require much of cooking. You can cook Oats both in Water and Milk and they dont need more than 5 minutes to cook. So even if you are cooking them in the morning or whether you want to take them with you to your work, they will surely help you to save your time.

#2- Easy To Digest


Oats are of two type Rolled Oats and Thin Rolled Oats, Thin Rolled Oats are quite easier to cook and Fast to digest. Thin rolled Oats break downs to starch structure which makes this starch easily available for digestion.

#3- Good Source of Complex Carbohydrates


Oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates which makes it an ideal muscle building breakfast. Complex carbohydrates are a good source of energy that breaks down slowly and make you feel full for a longer time. This also helps in reducing the cravings of munching here and there. If you want to lose weight then these complex carbohydrates helps you a lot.

#4- Easy to Customizeoats-3272113_1280

If you are taking Oats to reduce weight or to cut your extra calories intake then you must avoid adding sugar or milk and If you are taking Oats without Sugar and Milk you can easily lose interest in Oats due to Bad Taste. But the best things is you can add Fruits like banana, Apple, Papaya and any other food you want. You can add Dry Fruits like Almonds, Nuts, Berries and anything you want.

So Oats are really easy to customize as per your taste.

#5- Good Source of Protein

Apart from being a good source of Carbs and Fibre Oats are also a good source of Protein.

Man in Muscle Back View

30 gm serving of oats contains approx 7 gm of protein which i think is really a good amount of content. Even if you are trying to put some muscles Oats can help you to add those muscles.



  1. I really love oatmeal for breakfast. But how to teach my children to love oatmeal. I tried different ways, but for now they prefer eggs. Maybe when they get older they will change their tastes?

    1. Well the problem is not with the kids…it’s been proved that kids have more taste buds then young adults or aged…so they have thier own taste….and we can’t force them…so with time they will start loving….don’t worry….

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