PUBG: Top Five Reasons you must play this game

First of all, Let me tell you the full name of PUBG ( PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds ). This Game is one of the most addicted games I have ever played

How to Play This Game:

A player can play in two modes either they can play in arcade mode or classic mode.

In arcade mode, If you are short in time and want to experience the intense mode of this game there are different types of mission or mode which are available to play. Small war, Quick Match, sniper training and etc.

In classic mode, Currently, there are three different maps available for players. Vikendi is the most recent addition to the
Shanhok, Erangle and Miramar Maps

At the same time in classic mode, 100 players can play this game And this mission has only 30 minutes, then after you will get Chicken dinner and so other medals.

There is a plethora of guns, clothes, health kit, bandages and granites and so on. You can utilize these type of things in the game. One most important thing is that you can change your graphics in the setting so you can improve your graphics on the phone

Why You Should Play PUBG

Well we have talked about what is PUBG and how to play it. Now lets talk about why you should play this game. Here are the Top Five Reasons To Play PUBG.

Reason #01: Learn about Weapons

If you are an Army Aspirant and you have a dream to feel how the guns and rifles actually fire in real life. PUBG can give you a virtual feel of all those guns.
1. Sound of the Gun
2. Rate of Fire
3. Muzzle velocity
4. Effective Range of Fire
5. Damaged caused by the Rifles
So if you want to feel and experience all these things you must play PUBG.

Reason #02: Adventure

Have you ever wondered how do people survive when they are under heavy fire from all the sides? If yes, then PUBG is the perfect game to experience the thrill and adventure.
Specially when you are not able to see your enemy and they are continuously firing on you. You will feel that adrenaline rush and heart beat going crazy. You must play this game

Reason #03: Strategy and Planning

The moment you face your enemy all your plans and strategies goes for a six and same is true with this game. You have to be very very strategic and well planned to win in this game. Because this game is played by the real humans. Unless like other games you cant make other humans fool when they are much more strategic and well planned than you. This game will teach you the importance of Strategy and planning.

Reason #04: Patience

One thing which I have learned from this game is to be very very patient if you really want to win this game. Even though you have a great strategy and planning. You cant win this game if you don’t know how to remain calm and patient while implementing your strategies.

Reason #05: Reaction Time

We all know that video games improve are reaction time. It helps in increasing the information processing speed and in the same time acting on that information. You must play this game to check your reaction time whether you are able to reload your guns, run and shoot on the same time.


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