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Bad Relationship: 6 Ways To Heal Yourself & Move On

Most people feel that coming out of an emotionally bad relationship is really hard but I feel its both easy and hard. It’s easy because once you understand that you deserve more. Because things like responsibilities and understandings between you and your partner has faded away. It is hard because when we come into a relationship we care about that person and invest a lot of time and energy. And walking away from such a person is never so easy

Here are a few things to keep in mind to recover from a bad relationship.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People:

One of the worst things people do after ending a relationship is that they cut themselves from society and the people around them. But trust me this is not the best way if you want to heal yourself and move on from a bad relationship. The best thing is to keep yourself surrounded by supportive people. They can be your parents, siblings, friends or people who know you. Surrounding with these people make you feel good as they can point out the best things about you. But you need to take care that you should not validate your decision of ending a relationship from the other’s point of view.

Rediscover & Reinvent yourself:

This is a hard fact that our relationships affect our personality and can alter us emotionally sometimes they make us emotionally strong and sometimes emotionally weak. Even you may not be the same person that you were before the relationship. Now its time give some space to yourself and evaluate what has changed – how are you different from before? You can do this by paying close attention to your emotions and thoughts in different situations. Often you will find reminders of the relationship in different situations that will influence how you react.

Discover your calling:

When you were in a relationship, you might be so consumed by the problems that which may not have given you much time to think about your ambitions and passions. Your future plans might be put on hold as you may have become dependant on your partner. But now you are out of that bad relationship and this is time to rethink about your passions and ambitions. Find what is important for you now.

Try some of these questions:
Ask yourself what inspires you, what you are your strong points, what makes you happy. Sometimes it might be difficult to find perfect answers to these questions. But you can always reach out to your friends or other people to discuss these things.

Reconnect with others

One of the bad things about emotionally bad relationships is that the other partner cut off their partner’s connection to the outer worlds such as friends and other acquaintances. You might feel that you have lost connection and touch with those people to whom you spent some time in the past. This is the time to make some calls and reconnect with them invite them for a dinner or plan a movie show with them. This will make you feel good about you and you won’t feel alone.

Be prepared for bad days:

When we try to move on from a bad relationship it’s quite obvious we try not to think about our partner. But after a while, it is possible that you find yourself thinking and missing your partner. Sometimes it might be the feeling of missing being with someone. Sometimes any News of your partner, make you feel more depressed and upset and it is very natural. The most important thing is not to let these feelings take control of your decisions. You need to keep in mind good the good and bad perspective of your actions.

Take your time before jumping into new relationships:

Most people after such a bad relationship want to stay alone but some of them want to jump to another relationship to avoid being alone, While there is nothing wrong to have another relationship. It is important that you give yourself enough time to recover from a past relationship. Take some time to regain control over your life.

I do understand that moving on from such intense relationships surely involve many ups and downs. For some of us it and can be difficult at times to actually get out of that trauma. If you have recently ended such a relationship you need to explore yourself and understand your emotional needs. This can be done with the help of a counselor.


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