These 07 Habits of a Man Can Spoil Your Marriage Life

As the saying goes Love is Blind and when we are in love we are so blind that we only look into the positive side of person and often ignore the bad things or bad habits of that person. Its okay when we are not planning to spend our whole life with that person but if we want to spend our whole life we must look into the negative side of that person.

So the question is how to identify that if a man you love is perfect for you to spend your whole life.

Well here are the 11 habits of a man which can spoil your marriage life. If you find more than 5 habits out of 11 you must reconsider your decision.

Trust Issues

Man And Woman Wearing Brown Leather JacketsDoes your man have trust issues with you? Well if you are not sure then here is the sure short way to find out. If your guy check our mobile phone too often and always try to find our something suspicious in your daily conversations with your friends and doesn’t allow you to hang out with your male or female friends then you should never marry that guy. Even if you find him the most romantic person because these small things will continue to grow gradually and the end results will be unstable marriage.

Always in Disagreement

I believe that every relationship is based on some kind of rules and agreements and these rules and agreements can be anything like cleaning house, having dinner together, going for shopping every month or something like this. And these rules and agreements should be respected in order to have a healthy married life. But if your man is not respecting your rules and agreements and stay disagree with you most of the times then this is an another habit which can spoil your marriage life.

You are not a first priority

if everything in his life comes first than you and he doesn’t put some efforts to spend some time with you then this relationship is doomed. And believe me life is too short to waste your time on such person.

He is a Mr Perfect

Selective Focus Photography of Man and Woman Standing Near SeashorePerfection is a bliss but it becomes a curse when you become overconfident that you are the perfect. If your guy always think he knows everything and his decisions matter than this is sign of lack of critical thinking and such kind of a person will never grow as a person. For him he is always right and he is always right then it means that you are always wrong.

He lives in Past

Every relationship has some disagreements, argues and fights but the best relationship is which move on with time. But if your man lives in past and always try to bring out the old fights and argues then it means he has hard time in his life to accept the realities of his life.

Unhealthy Family relations

We don’t choose our parents and whatever we are is just because of our parents or our family and the best thing is we are alive. Sometimes we want something more in our life which our family was not able to provide us. But if your man hates his family just because of these things then it means he is a self righteous person who can even hurt you.

He is a Smoker and Abusive

Smoking now a days is normal and can be seen as status symbol but too much smoking means that person is not having any control on his temptations and this thing can lead to adopt other bad habits also.

When a person is weak in his will and cant control his actions it more likely that someday he can become abusive and raise hand on you. Such type of personality is really harmful for a long term relationship.



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