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10 Things Healthy And Fit People Do Every Morning

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It all starts with that Morning Alarm which defines our next 24 hours. Because a great day not only begins with an amazing morning but it also need a winning mindset. With constant pressures from our job and home responsibilities it is very much required to start our day with a morning routine in place and mind/body prepared to follow that routine.

These 10 tips can bring out the best of your morning, day, month, year and life

1. Wake Up Early

We have considered humans as the most effective machine created so far, so if you are sleeping more than 8 hours and waking up late in the morning, this cannot be the definition of an effective machine. Because effective machines are those which needs less recovery time. So the idea is we should not sleep more than 7-8 hours and try to wake up early. Because when we wake up late we put unnecessary pressure on our mind and body throughout the day, we start running behind time to accomplish all our pending tasks. By waking our early we can give our body and mind time to unwind and set our routine at an even pace.

2. Drink water right after you wake up

During our sleeping time, our body generally shuts down. And if you are sleeping for 8 hours it means that your body is not hydrated for 8 hours. So drinking water first thing in the morning will help you get ready to kick start your day. This will also re-hydrate our body and allow an easier digestive flow for the whole day.

3. Avoid Your Smartphones first thing in the morning

If you can control and hold your emotions at the beginning of the day then you have control over your next 24 hours. So if you cannot control your emotions then you must start it by avoiding the use of your smartphones for the next 1 hour after you wake up because it’s tempting to wake up and check our emails and social media feed, but if you realize all those things will still be there even after 1 hour. This is the best things because you won’t miss any of the updates on your emails and social media and you can even start your day on your own terms. The foremost reason for not using your smartphones is the avoid your mind involving in the negative feeds and emails which might spoil your whole day first thing in the morning.

4. Be Grateful for Something Everyday

This life is a series of your choices this is your life, so be grateful for this life. Think of all those things you appreciate in your life, It can be your Bed, Your Family, Your Bike, Your Health or even a Cup Of Coffee. Because the idea behind of being grateful is to think of positive things in your life more things you can think more positivity you bring in your life.

5. Go Out And Move Your Body- Excercise

No matter how do you spend your 24 hours but you must spend 40-60 min daily on some physical activity at the beginning of your day. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor workouts available on internet just select them as per your goals and even if you don’t want to workout just do some stretches and mobility exercises to keep your muscles in active state

6. Have a Healthy Breakfast

We heard it most of the time that we should never skip our breakfast but not skipping our breakfast doesn’t mean you can consume anything which later on can ruin your health. But the idea is to have a healthy breakfast which will fuel your body and keep you energized until lunchtime. Don’t go for the quick fixes like packed Juices and Donuts Invest time on your body to get great returns.

7. Repeat Positive Affirmations

Write down all those things on which you are good at, what you have achieved and say all those things in the morning. Just stand in front of your mirror look into your eyes and say all those positive things you feel good about yourself because in the world full of chaos Self Appreciation is Important.

8. Plan Your Days

Planning our days well in advance is the most important habit one can adopt to make his/her day productive and fruitful.

  • Plan Your Day
  • Stick to Your Plan
  • Do not add more than 5 tasks to accomplish
  • Always add some room for the possible disruptions caused by life

9. Leave Your Past Behind

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Each day is a fresh start to life, just remember yesterday’s anger, frustration and negative thoughts do not belong to this day.

10. Read for 1 Hour Daily

If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Start your day with a book and some positive thoughts. Grab your favorite Novel a cup of coffee and go deep into the conversation with the Author.
Literature helps in stimulating our brain and imagination



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