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Emerging Threat for Night Shift Employees: Night Shifts may cause DNA damage and increase risk of cancer: New Study

In the latest research, it has been found that night shift employee, doctors on call and any other person under the sleep deprivation even for a single night are under the threat of DNA damage or increased risk of cancer.
In further it was also revealed that people who worked overnight had more breakdown in their DNA and lower DNA repair as compared to those who didn’t work overnight.

Research Analysis

Under the study published in the journal Anaesthesia, researchers have analysed the blood samples of 49 healthy and full-time doctors. The samples were taken at different times.

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Future of the Research

Although the research is in its preliminary stage. But it is very clear from the results that even a single night shift can be a threat and can trigger life-threatening events which further may contribute to developing cancer and other life threating diseases.


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