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How to become a Human Version of Google: 5 Steps to gain more knowledge and information


If your topmost priority is to invest in personal development and to stand out as an entrepreneur who is more intelligent, experienced and interesting. I am here to share with you five ways to learn a little about a lot in just a few minutes a day.

#1 let Google Inform you

We can search for anything on Google, but the problem is Google will inform you only when you want something or need a specific information. But what if Google informs you something interesting every day without even bothering you.

Well for that you need to change a few settings in your Chrome Browser.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. Go to settings and under the appearance tab make the following changes.
  3. Change your home Tab from to


4. Now save the settings and close your browser

From now onward whenever you will open your browser you will get a random page from Wikipedia and you will get to know something new, something strange, something interesting and something helpful every day and maybe multiple times a day.

#2 Listen To Podcast

How do you spend your traveling time from between your home to your office?

  • Listening to Music?
  • Watching Movies?
  • Watching Memes and Dancing Cats?

Well if you are doing any of these activities on your daily basis you are wasting your time because none of these things will help you to become a better version of yourself in terms of knowledge and well-informed person.

What You Should Do Instead?

Well start listening to podcasts and aim for listening at least one episode every day and I am not saying you to just sit down and listen to the conversation. I am asking you to utilize your traveling time and you will wonder how many things you will be knowing on daily basis.

Download Castbox

For Android

For Apple

#3 Follow Blogs

The best way to find relevant topics of your interests is to read blogs through Feedly.

Simply download the application and select your topics and spend at least 20 mins a day reading blogs and articles

#4 Fall in love with books

Don’t you like the fragrance of a freshly opened book, because I love that and I feel more excited in buying books.  nature-grass-leaf-green.jpg

As the saying goes”Readers are the leaders” and even in the Book Five Levels of leadership by John C Maxwell, Reading is one of the traits which is found in top-level leaders.

So one thing is very clear that you have to read and read a lot. but if you don’t read at all I would suggest you to start reading books every morning for at least 20 mins.

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#4 Research and Share your knowledge

This is one of the best ways to learn something new every day. Simply go to Quora and Read the questions asked by the people and answer them.

If you don’t know the answer spend some time in finding out the answer, do some research and come out with some valuable answer.



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