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Incredible Facts About Human Psychology You Must Know

Music and Emotions

We all have a favorite song and science says that this song is most probably linked to an emotional event.

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Sharing is Caring

Spending money on others makes us happy, much more than spending the money on ourselves.Woman in Gray Cardigan Giving White Gift Box

Be a Traveler rather than Materialistic

When it comes to spending, spend on travelling rather than just being materialistic it will give you experiences, memories and happiness.

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Praying Heals our Soul and Body

Each and every religion says that religious practices can help you lower your stress levels. And it has been proved in studies that people who pray and meditate regularly have a lower stress level than those who don’t,

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Bring Positive People in Your life

If you spend time around happy people you too will be happier.

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Fooling Your Brain

You can actually make your brain believe you’ve slept well even if you didn’t. This is called placebo sleep and will give you more energy.

Your Attitude Matters

There are more ignorant people who believe they’re brilliant and more intelligent people who think they’re not. This is the Dunning Kruger Effect and it’s becoming more and more prevalent in recent years.

Learn new Language

You make more rational decisions when you think about them in another language

Age and Stress

People age 18 to 33 suffer the highest amount of stress due to the fact that this is when we make major life decisions about family, work, education and so on.

Music has Significant Effects

Music has a significant impact on our perception. The University of Groningen confirmed this fact with a study.Photography of Woman Listening to Music


Source: Human Explore



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