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Learning Speed Reading: How to Read a Book In a Day

Speed Reading: Introduction

Learning how you can improve your reading speed is one of those skills which everyone wants to learn everyone can benefit from, and these series of articles will provide you proven techniques which can help you to improve how much information you absorb and how fast you can absorb it.

First thing first we will ask you to measure your current reading rate, and then we will explore the reading habits that are slowing you down.

And then at last we will talk about the simple techniques that will help you in boosting your reading speed and some practice drills to reinforce your new acquired skill.

Topics include:

  • Measuring your reading speed
  • Reading faster on the computer
  • Reading groups of words
  • Previewing and overviewing
  • Improving comprehension and retention
  • Understanding the 80/20 principle of reading
  • Reading magazines, textbooks, diagrams, and ebooks

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