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Proven Ways to Beat Your Poor Self Esteem- Just Beat It

If you are suffering from poor self-esteem then I would suggest you ask these three questions to yourself.


1.) How do you VALUE YOURSELF? 2.) How do you perceive your VALUE TO THE WORLD? 3.) How valuable are YOU TO OTHERS?

Your Answers to Above Questions Reveal a lot about you

Socially Withdrawn Confident
Constantly Anxious Has Self Direction
Pessimistic Optimistic
Depressed Trusting
Poor Communicator Care for Oneself
Fear Rejection Independent
Lacks Motivation Accepts Mistakes
Insecure Aware of Streng


As the study shows there can be multiple reasons why a person experiences poor self-esteem. These reasons can be from your bad childhood memories or experiences, not satisfied with your physical appearance, financial problems. Below are the possible reasons for poor self-esteem.
Reasons of poor self esteem

Six Quick Tips To Lift Your Self Esteem

Positive Self Talks

Three things to tell your self to have a positive self-conversation
  1. I CAN: When you are too scared to try something new
  2. STOP: When you start feeling negative about yourself or the things around you
  3. WONDERFUL: When you achieve your target or do something good

Care Yourself

  1. Keep your Body Healthy: Join Gym or make a routine to spend some time on physical activities
  2. Develop a New Hobby: We always want to learn some new skills when we see people all around us, So just identify any one of those and spend at least 20 min Daily in learning that skill.
  3. Find Ways to Relax: For me reading a Book, playing my Flute or going for running are some of the ways which make me feel relax. Find such things, places and activities to do which makes your mind and body relax.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Comparing yourself with others is a complete waste of time because you will get nothing out of it and you just take a path to resentment.

Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Overpower You

First of all you must learn to forgive yourself, we all make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly . Some of us learn from those mistakes but some of us keep regretting on those mistakes. So feel positive about yourself, you must forgive yourself for all those mistakes, learn from your mistakes and move on. And if you still feel that you can’t let your negative thoughts go of, you might need to seek some professional help.

Stay Inspired

Four Tips to keep yourself Inspired
  1. Make a list of Self Help Books and Read at least one Book Per Month
  2. Join/Follow/Subscribe Groups on Social Media which share Positive Things
  3. Join Toastmasters Club in your area or locality
  4. Surround yourself with positive peopleHow to stay positive

Stop Worrying and Take Action

If you are worrying that whether this problem will ever be resolved then I would say “YES”. Yes, the problem can be solved if you take action right now. So follow these steps and raise your self esteem and remember this quote from Mark Twain.

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