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Questions About Success You Should Ask In 2019

The Why and Why Not Question:
These questions motivate us to think and take a step back about the purpose and need for change. Whereas Why not is basically used to make a suggestion or to express agreement.


Why would i want to record this?
Why not use my car? You’ll fit more in
Why didn’t you come to us before?

What IF? and What IF NOT? these questions help us in finding the solutions to any problem, they also help in identifying which are best and which are not. Lastly, they also help in the decision-making process.


What if the train is late?
What if I don’t pass my exams?
What if I did not eat the food?
What if I did not run this marathon?

It inspires us to change our view immediately. It helps us to focus on possible alternatives.


What else is new in market?
What else is happening?  
What else i can do?
What else do we need? 

How questions can be used to ask about the condition or quality of something. It is used to ask in what way or manner the particular work is done.


How are you feeling this morning?
How can this new skill help me?
How did you do this work?
How are you?

To ensure the execution of our concepts and ideas, we need to raise these three questions.


Who made the birthday cake?
I eat ice cream when I am on holiday.
You’re going to finish?



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