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This is The Only Difference Between Humans and Animals?

Let’s Begin this Post with a Question.
According to you what is that one thing which separates us from being an Animal?

Now Don’t read further until you came up with a one logical answer.

Most of us generally think that the main difference between a human and an animal is the ability of the human brain. And it true to an extent because it sets humans apart as the more intelligent species. But it doesn’t mean that we are the only intelligent species on this planet earth because dolphins, whales, and chimpanzees are also very intelligent. It is a fact that scientists have trained animals to perform, not only different activities but also basic mathematical functions, paintings and much more. Perhaps a trained chimpanzee who can perform basic mathematical functions can be considered as more intelligent than a human who has never used his brain.

And I am very much very sure that you will be surprised to know that whales have the ability to communicate with each other at distances of up to 500 miles. They can even sing a song together and if you stop the song in the middle while they travel they come back and start the song from the same point. If whales have such intelligence and ability to perform such a feat, then they can be considered to be at least as intelligent as many humans.

So what is the difference between a human and an animal? Howard H. Stevenson has answered it in his book Do Lunch or Be Lunch:

Read: Do Lunch or Be Lunch:

According to the Book, the main difference between a human and an animal is that humans have the ability to change their future and an animal cannot.

I do agree with him because it is a complete evident and a fact that for millions of years, animals are just living without changing their conditions. When things go bad they just adapt to their environments, migrate to other areas, suffer or just die.

But we humans have to remember that as human beings, we have the ability to change our circumstances, no matter how bad they are. Our future depends only on ourselves.

So let’s begin this New Year with a Confidence with Faith and With Full Preparation, because you have the ability to change your circumstances.


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