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Time management is all about managing your Priorities

Time management is one of those topics where hundered of books are available and Authors trying to explain how to manage your time. But the thing is every human being is different with different life priorities and circumstances and we cannot provide a common solution to each and every human being, even if those studies and analysis are based on common people. I believe every human being is unique with unique life priorities and circumstances.


So this leads us to a very common question, “How to manage time?”

I would say don’t manage your time manage your priorities, well it might sound weird but this isĀ  how i interpreted the essence of Time Management and i would like to explain how do i manage my priorities which leads to manage my time.

My Priorities:-

  1. Learning something new
  2. Reading a book
  3. Eating healthy
  4. Workout
  5. Writing a Blog Post

How do I manage my Priorities:-

#1- Learning something new

To learn something new i need to read/Listen/watch something new everyday. So i have to find time for all these things. So how do i do this, I am a working Corporate Security professional and from my apartment to my office it takes 30 min and i travel through office cab.

Unlike most of the people i don’t waste my time listening songs instead i utilise those 30 mins of travel time by listening Ted Talks, Watching videos on Online Learning Platform (Lynda.Com) and listening podcasts.

#2- Reading Book

I love reading books but my work hours don’t give me time to read. So i wake up early in the morning and spend 1 hour daily in reading book.

#3- Eating Healthy

Most people complain that they don’t have time to cook food that’s why they prefer fast food, well i was no different from those people until i decided to get my dream physique. So i joined Gym and Gym needs healthy lifestyle. Which led me to wake up early, Cook my food, Prepare my tiffin and take it to office.

#4- Workout

The day spent without any physical activity is a day wasted for me and i cant miss going to gym. My shift begins at 0830 Hrs to 1820 Hrs. I reach my apartment at 18:45 hrs. I change immediately, Get a cup of black coffee and some preworkout meal and leave for Gym at 1920 hrs. This is how i manage my time.

#5- Writing Blog Post

I am also running a YouTube Channel, A Website, A Facebook Page, Instagram Page and Twitter. So to keep my audience updated i need to feed something. So after coming from Gym and Having my dinner. I spend one hour from 2230 Hrs to 2330 Hrs in writing and making videos.

So that is how i manage my priorities which helps me to manage my time. If you are also managing your priorities i would love to hear your personal Experiences.


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