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Why 6 Hours Of Sleep Is Mandatory?

Amount of Sleep- How long you should sleep and how much is required and why? This is a never ending debate but the studies have found that Six hours of sleep daily is equally important as the food we consume and the amount of time we dedicate doing our daily exercise on daily basis. Studies have shown that Poor sleep can have negative impacts and can lead to a reduction in your concentration level and more often your next day productivity will be low. Thus, it becomes mandatory to get at least 6 hours of sleep daily.

We have listed down the few benefits of getting the Six Hours of sleep every night:

Good Sleep improves memory: 

Have you ever wonder? why do you still remember some of your childhood memories? Photo of Head Bust Print Artworkor you might be feeling that few events in your life have more clear memories than others. Well, this process is called consolidation wherein sleep our mind goes over everything you have read or have done when you were awake. Thus a good amount of sleep helps in retaining things and  Lack of sleep has a negative effect on our brain, which affects your memory and retention.

Yes, the more sound sleep you had in the night the more you retain things.

It Boosts Your Creativity: 

Person With Body PaintingStudies have proved that if you are utilizing the required number of hours for sleep your creativity levels are bound to soar after some good rest. And on the other hand side if you are Working relentlessly without a break in between your work it is more likely to put you in a burned out stage and can lead to saturation in your creativity levels.

Thus, rest is the most important aspect to boost your creativity.

Stress levels will go down: 

Have you ever experienced that anxiety level when you get only three to four hours of Free stock photo of man, people, woman, desksleep, well I think we all have experienced this thing and Studies have proved that Not sleeping enough adds even more strain on your brain and Sleep deprivation increases stress levels which are responsible for adding levels to the blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood which most likely put you at risks of suffering from coronary diseases.

Thus, to keep your heart health healthy, it is important to sleep for at least six hours, which is a minimum requirement for your body to rest.

Good Sleep helps in weight loss:

According to studies Sleep deprivation can cause an alteration in your hormone levels, Woman Measuring Her Waist

which is responsible for increasing cortisol levels in our body (a fat producing hormone), which leads to obesity. Sleeping late also leads to unhealthy approach towards your diet and a lethargic approach to your regular exercise routine. Thus, it has been proved that the easiest way to lose weight is to get adequate sleep at night.

Because the benefits you gain out of sleeping for a minimum of six hours are invaluable, you should plan your days to give your body the rest it deserves.

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