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Speed Reading Drill- Set deadlines to improve your reading speed

Speed Reading Drill

Improving your focus is the key to read faster. There are mutliple ways to improve your focus and one way to achieve this is by setting deadlines while reading.  Today we will learn a very simple reading exercise that is a tested way to help you read faster by applying deadlines.

How To Get Started With This Drill?

First of all, you, of course, need some reading material and a timer for this exercise. You can either go for a stopwatch or you can use your smartphone for this purpose.

How To Perform This Drill?

Open your Reading Material and Make your self comfortable with no distraction and see how long does it take you to read just one page of text.  Let us assume that it takes you one minute and ten seconds. Stop your timer and write down this number take it as your benchmark. As you proceed, you have to at least maintain the same time or you have to beat this with other pages of similar length.

If you read that one page in one minute and ten seconds, Now we will try to read the same amount of reading in a little less time.  Try it with another page of your reading material, and see if you can get it done faster.  You have to repeat this exercise multiple times and keep track of how much time you take to read each page, and little by little, lessening the time.  To keep a record of your time you can note it down on a separate sheet of paper or on a spreadsheet it doesn’t matter but you must keep track, and measure your progress.  If you are using a spreadsheet to track your progress you can create it on your own or you can download it from here.

Practice this Drill

If you really need to improve your reading speed you need to practice and focusing intensely on deadline and trust me you’ll find it easier and easier to get through the pages in your material faster.

How to Progress on this Drill?

As you get comfortable with one page of reading you try tracking your time while reading two pages of text or with whatever amount of text you are comfortable with. And of course, keep in mind that while doing this exercise, if the sentence continues from one page to the next, just continue reading until you finish that sentence. It may be a challenge to go faster at first, but with practice, you’ll find it easier to get through the page faster. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How long should I practice this Drill? Ans. This drill should be practiced about 15 minutes a day for two weeks. 

Q2. Why Should I Practice this Drill? Ans. This deadline exercise is a great way to start increasing your reading rate. I’d recommend starting with tracking your time for just one page because it provides immediate feedback.

 Q3. What should I do if I am not able to minimize my time with the next page? Ans. Let’s take an example if on attempt number 3, maybe it takes you a little longer and you find yourself getting through the page in 1:09. No worries, we would keep on trying. On your next attempt, you might get through the page of text in 1:01, and then 0:58 on attempt number 5


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